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If anyone is interested in an objective and impartial view of what has just happened – is still happening in the UK – plus links to all parties, their news and what the main media news outlets are saying, they might find this site useful – plus has the latest results and what has happened in each of the constituencies

At 73.7% our employment rate has never been higher

At 73.7% our employment rate has never been higher. We are moving further towards the goal of full employment that we set out in our manifesto.

Every person who gets a job is another person in our country with the security of a regular pay and the stability that comes with work.

Not only are more people in work than ever before, wages are rising faster than inflation. That means more money to spend as you choose, so that you can provide for you and your family.

But we cannot rest. With over 700,000 job vacancies, we have an opportunity to help unemployed people back into work. And we must guarantee our economy creates new jobs by ensuring we have a government that lives within its means and our economic recovery is sustained.

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Votes for Ex-Pats 

Monday 1st December Room W1 (Off Westminster Great Hall) – House of Commons 2.45 – 3.30 pm Prior to the introduction, by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, of a ten-minute rule bill calling for the reinstatement, in perpetuity, of voting rights for … Continue reading